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Sunshine Dance

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Faoi dheireadh thiar, tá Desieal-2 críochnaithe! The sense of relief when an album is finished is shared with the sense of joy at one’s achievement. Our second experimentation with the help of Conor, Mirabelle and Richie. For my Moroccan friends, Ali Ali, two guides who shared the same name. The lament is dedicated to the healing of wounds in Ireland in the hope that we shall, at last, be respected by and in peace with our neighbours.

- Cormac Breatnach

Tune Notation

Sunshine Dance on The Session

The Session website provides a huge database of notation (and lots more information) for traditional music tunes. The link above is a collective page showing the notation to some of the tracks on Sunshine Dance album. By browsing to any tune from within The Session website you can also see what other musicians have recorded those tunes.

Track Listing & Listen

01 Sporting Nell / 8th Of October / Ali Ali[audio:|titles=Sporting Nell / 8th Of October / Ali Ali]
02 The Flowing Tide / Biddy Walsh’s
03 The Cup Of Tea / The Pinch Of Snuff / The Newly Mowed Meadow
04 Marbhna Luimnigh (Lament For Limerick)
05 Maiseail Ni Neill (O’Neill’s March)[audio:|titles=Maiseail Ni Neill (O’Neill’s March)]
06 Sunshine Dance
07 Chanson Game (De Nuit, Bernard Fontane)
08 Johnny Henry’s / The Abbey / Jimmy’s Return
09 Stepping Stones
10 Out With The Boys / Rocky Road To Dublin[audio:|titles=Out With The Boys / Rocky Road To Dublin]
11 Wind Of Rose Green
12 The Wise Maid

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…left handed music rising out of Ireland,
dipping down through a ringing bouzouki
on a mellow bass into africa and france,
the whistle cutting up and out against
the scat singing voice,
tunes familiar turning strange

blue latenight smoke and the clear lucid light of dawn

sax and sex, the curl of it
the figure followed in and through itself
and out again, the dance of feet and thought
the soft-palmed drum leading and comforting

free mind, free pulse, the sap of tradition
strained through latenight africa, moon over
seashore ireland and the curfew calling
over neon city streets. breath it.

- theo dorgan